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My Experience With Rick Simpson Oil (Cannabis Oil) Vs. Cancer



This is an older post that I have shared on other sites, I decided to add it to my blog.. 

Since the software update on this website, many of the images in this blog entry have been lost. You can view the complete content of this blog and more here: http://cchub.org/Blogs/blogs.html 

The story of the Hodgkin's Lymphoma (cancer) patient begins in October 2011. This information needs to be shared. This information must be shared.


A while back, I kept hearing about it, read about it, and also about other concentrates.

With my experience in using cannabis, from Colombian Gold, Thai Stick, Strawberry Cough, to Querkle, finger hash, different types of medibles (brownies, butter, cookies, candy). I will say that the medibles never really impressed me, I am sure they work for others, but for me, they did nothing. I also found it hard to believe the testimonies on the Run From the Cure video, that cannabis, when used correctly, can cure illness and disease assist in pain management, getting off of highly addictive pain medication, and so on.


I did not believe that any of the oil extracts could be as potent as people had said, especially the Rick Simpson Oil.

Out of all the information and research, it seems to me that the Rick Simpson Oil was my best option for treating cancer patients. So I decided to give it a try and see for myself. I have many years of experience in growing high quality medical grade marijuana, indoor, 100% organic.

It took some time, but I saved up a large quantity of premium bud and followed the Rick Simpson directions (my buds were much more manicured than the ones in his video).


I used 9 oz of premium bud, bone dry. I soaked the bud material in 99% isopropyl alcohol, a bit longer than recommended though. I did the wash or soak in wide mouth court canning jars so I could see what was going on.


stripping THC from buds, dark


Buds In solvent, stripping THC



When I got to the point of putting it on the coffee cup warmer it took about 6 to 8 hours before the oil stopped bubbling, telling me that the iso had all been evaporated out. I then sucked the oil up into 2 tsp sized syringes while it was still warm. After it cooled down, I sampled a dose the size of a grain of rice, and I couldn't believe it! It offered much more than any bud I have ever smoked. I was absolutely shocked. After trying it, it made me a believer that the people in the video were speaking the truth of the oil curing them of their pains and illnesses. I never had anything like it before in my life.


My patients couldn't handle taking three doses a day, the size of a grain of rice. It was too strong. When taking three doses, it seems to build up in your system, and you can develop a tolerance. You must take three doses per day in order to build up a tolerance and keep it. For both of my patients, it took them each six weeks before they were capable of increasing the dose size.


One of my patients has Hodgkin's Lymphoma, a cancer that develops in the lymph-nodes, he has been battling this disease for 12 years and had been receiving chemo treatments and was facing radiation treatment, but he chose to try the oil instead of more chemo or radiation. Normally he would have already been taking his annual holiday visit to the hospital for a 6 week term for another bout of chemo, but this time it would have been radiation because he was getting worse and the chemo was hurting his body. He has yet to have been admitted this year. His doctors have even commented that he would be back before Thanksgiving. Well Thanksgiving has come and gone, he is not in the hospital, he is at home with his family and feeling pretty darn good. I think he will even be home for Christmas and be able to ring in the New Year at home. I am not claiming it is going to cure him, but I do believe it is doing him better than what the doctors have offered him during the past 12 years. If anything, this oil has offered this patient much hope. I will be sure to update on his condition in the future.


Another patient I have encountered has severe gout. He took only a few doses of the oil, and the gout literally disappeared from his knuckles. Three months later, without taking any more oil, the gout had not returned to his knuckles and the gout on the rest of his body is still visible, but the swelling was reduced a lot. If he went through the full treatment, I believe the gout would be completely gone.


I would also like to note a warning when taking this concentrated oil. It is very potent! This is something that a user should start off with small doses. Just one dose a little bit bigger than a grain of rice, had me lying down for a couple hours, praying to God to bring me back down. Also, my patients and I, when taking the oil three times a day, have noticed when waking up with the first cup of coffee, before taking the morning dose, feel a little buzzed. I highly recommend to make your own oil. I have tried others and got nothing from it.


Here is the batch of oil made with the 9 oz of product. It produced 8.5 teaspoons of the Simpson oil. If you ask me, Simpson oil is more efficient than smoking bud. It is not for everyone. One small dose of the oil has much longer lasting effects then any other marijuana products I have tried. The effects can last from 6 to 12 hours from one small dose.

simpson Oil



Here is a picture of 4 of the 9oz of bud, 4 different strains were used.

QP Of choice buds To make simpson Oil



This oil in the picture below was made more for using in a vaporizer. It is much more golden, but for ingesting, I think the darker oil has a higher medicinal value. I also believe that the more golden oil is higher in THC. The reason why this batch was more golden is because it was ultra high quality manicured, no leaf material what so ever, and the plants were intentionally nitrogen stressed before harvest, for a lower chlorophyll amount. When vaping the golden Simpson oil, the taste is incredible. The Eclipse Vaporizer shown in the pictures below is Made in California, USA. Price with shipping, under $100. I highly recommend this product for vaporizing oil. I do not recommend it for vaping bud.

2011 11250006 (800x600)


Eclipse Oil Vape 11 10 11


After making many batches of the Simpson oil, I would strongly recommend to use 1/4 lb. or more of indoor grown premium bud. Anything less could be wasteful in my opinion.



Waste not want not: (Clean Up)


After filling the syringes, there is still some oil left in the pan, metal cup, and on other tools. I clean them up with some fresh 99% isopropyl alcohol, pour it into a bowl, lay out some wax paper and use the back of a small spoon to coat some rolling papers, place the coated papers onto the wax paper. I usually coat each paper two to three times. Let the papers dry and evaporate the alcohol for a few hours. These make for some nice "gold plated" joints. :D


Oil coated papers


joints with simpson Oil coated papers



** (February 2012) update on Hodgkin's patient. He has recently reported to me that he is still using the Simpson Oil and has defied the doctors by not having to be in the hospital over the holidays, and a very prominent tumor is gone. He will be going in for a CAT scan soon. I can't wait to hear the results.


Something to add: I am no longer making the oil to where it comes out black. Nothing against it except for the higher anxiety and bad taste. I am making it more golden from now on and I am only using the syringes to suck up the oil then transfer the oil from the syringe into small vials, like the ones that come with the eclipse vape. The vial holds about one teaspoon which is about 5 grams of oil, or 5 cc's. It is a lot more convenient for storage and to carry. Just use a toothpick to scrape out a dose.


I would like to take back the original comment from above about the darker oil having more medicinal value and the golden oil being higher in TCH. I am really not sure, and I plan to have some samples of each tested soon.




** (April 2012) update: The cancer patient I spoke of has recently gone through a CAT scan. There are no tumors present!!! There was a tumor on his chest that was about the size of a baseball. It and the other tumors are completely gone! The only thing remaining is some scar tissue. He and I alike praise God for this wonderful medicine. Cannabis, an awesome plant, a gift given to us all from God. We should all thank Rick Simpson and the sacrifices he made to make the people aware of what God's plant can do. The patient has gained back the 40 pounds he lost. He looks healthier and better than I have ever seen. I am 100% confident and a true believer that the Rick Simpson Oil, when made and used correctly, can cure cancer. Now after 12 years of battling this disease, this patient is cancer free. We can only give our glory to God for this.



Red Oil: This needs to be researched and studied; water soluble.


The oil in the glass is frozen. I extracted with similar methods as the Rick Simpson procedure but using water. Again, this was after the initial extraction with alcohol, let the remaining material completely dry, then washed with water, filtered it, and then evaporated the water down to produce what is shown in the pictures below.


03 31 2011004




Run From the Cure. In this video you can learn how to make your own oil.


Here is another video worth watching in regards to the oil.


You can find a lot more information at PhoenixTears. http://www.phoenixtears.ca/


Recommended Comments

In a couple of months I should have more oil made. That batch will be from Strawberry Cough and TGA Querkle. If I still have the other oil, I will mix them together and I will then have a mix of 4 strains.


SBC 20161114 033


SBC&Querkle 20161114 035


Querkle 20161114 034

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All the more reason to use coconut oil daily. Unrefined, organic, virgin coconut oil is what I use. Also, adding hempseed oil to your daily diet regimen will even be an added benefit. 

Read all 20 slides and it will give you a good idea why coconut oil intensifies the cannabis oil effects. It is amazing all of the natural products that can help us.




Worth the read!

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A new year, a fresh harvest, heading towards a clean batch of RSO.


Here is some fresh cut TGA Querkle and Dutch Passion Strawberry Cough.


Querkle top, SBC bottom

Querkle SBC 20170101 018


Querkle 20170101 015


Strawberry Cough

SBC 20170101 014



This harvest comes a bit late, but, as they say, better late than never!!


Still don't have a  qualified cancer patient, but that will not stop me from making the oil. As the cub scout's say, Be Prepared. The raw oil (RSO in this case) has a very long shelf life.

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So I made another 30+ grams of oil to make a total of 60+ grams for a cancer patient. I mixed the first 30+ with this latest batch. This gave me a blend of oil from 4 strains. 


60+ grams Premium RSO 20170208 010

I vacuum sealed the jars then put them in the freezer with the alcohol a few days before doing the extraction. 

vacuumseal 20170125 017


stocking freezer 20170204 012

Straining and filtering

filtering 20170206 037

Pouring alcohol over buds

pouring 99% Iso over buds 20170206 032

Waste from stripping. After clean up, burned in fire pit. 

waste 20170206 048

Purging the blend of oils

final purge 20170206 061

Beautiful RSO/CCO

PremiumRSO 20170208 019


PremiumRSO 20170208 020

It appears that with these last two extractions I was able to produce about 4 grams per ounce. Taking into consideration each ounce was bone dry and weighed heavy. If the buds were set aside for patients to use, they would have been approximately 10% heavier with moisture for smoking or vaping. 

I am hoping to be able to have the opportunity to treat another cancer patient. However, if that opportunity does not arise, I will still have use for the oil.... wink, wink...

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One day I will start an entry based on these supplements, but for now I will log them here. 

I have made oil recently, but am setting it aside for a cancer patient. As an alternative to preventative to cancer I have done some research and found the following to offer good results. 


As always, consult with your healthcare provider before adding any supplements to your diet as some of these can have an effect on prescription medications, specifically blood pressure and blood thinning. Additionally, some people simply cannot tolerate some of these supplements. 

First, Black Seed oil, also known as Black Cumin Seed Oil. This comes from the plant called Nigella sativa or Fennel flower. I have found that Mountain Rose Herbs has the best price and quality. I have tried a brand that comes in a plastic bottle and I do not recommend it. Always look for suppliers that package in dark glass bottles. This you need to be careful of when it comes to taking blood thinning medications. 

From here I won't go into great detail. I will just point out the products that I like to use. I have done some research and found these to be the best. 


Turmeric Curcumin with Bioperine 1500mg. The bioperine is a very important ingredient to this supplement. Bioperine assist in the body's absorption of the turmeric as well as other herbs. Bioperiene come from black pepper, so adding black pepper to your food will be a bonus.



Oregano Oil softgel capsules. Very important to have carvacrol. This is the brand I have found to be the best in quality and price.



Nascent-Iodine, this may be the most important, and I have done my research and everyone should be adding nascent iodine to their daily routine. I have found this to be the best quality. http://www.infowarsshop.com/Survival-Shield-X-2--Nascent-Iodine_p_1322.html


Organic Hemp Seed Oil. Packed full of omega 3, 6, and 9.



A handfull of Gogi Berries daily for eye health and much more. 



Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. Use daily, replace butter with coconut oil on your toast. Use in place of butter for some cooking. I like to fry eggs and make popcorn with the coconut oil. I was getting it at Sam's Club, but they don't always have the virgin kind which is what you want. Virgin = unrefined. I found the same brand at the same price here: On the down side, there is a shipping fee for orders under $35. 



Haritaki, this has a similar reputation as black seed oil. It is known to offer amazing cures to all kinds of illness. I recommend the powder but putting into gel caps. It is not easy to ingest straight. Start off small until your body adjusts, it is also know to act as a laxative. After I get a gel cap machine, I will start taking it every day again. 
This is the most recent brand I have purchased. I have not researched too much yet as far as best brand. 



Additionally I have put in to practice of replacing table salt with pink Himalayan sea salt. Olde Thompson is a reliable brand that I have found at Meijer. I have also found it in bulk at my local grocer.  Use Raw or Pure honey in place of sugar whenever possible. You can also use pure maple syrup as a sweetener. I use either one in my coffee. 


Still looking in to additional supplements, so far it looks like black berries. Looking for something high in B12 so I can finally stop taking the centrum vitamins. I only take 1/2 of a chewable per day, but looking to eliminating them. 


There are many vitamins and minerals in fruits and vegetables. It is too bad that most we have access to are covered in poison from pesticides and fertilizers, not to mention GMO problems. 


That's all for now. 



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I had to hold off on the Haritaki until I could get a gel cap filling "machine". That stuff is nasty being such a fine powder and all. Some people can take it by the spoonful and wash it down with water, but not me! I suppose I could have just put a teaspoon into a shake or smoothie, but I chose not to do that. 


So, I finally invested in the capsule machine. I prefer the veggie caps and decided size 00 will work best. I received a free sample of some 000 caps. The 000 would be good for dry bud or other herbs. 


CapMQuik 20170612 043


I plan to take at least 3 of the filled caps of Haritaki powder each day along with the other supplements I mentioned previously. It has been three months now, and I do feel better. Those supplements are all known to fight and prevent cancers and other illness.  

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Here is another type of potential cancer treatment. It is synthesized, but works. 

This video is worth watching. Aside from discovering a "cure", you will also see the full intention of the FDA, National Cancer Society, and our own government to stop curing the disease. Their only interest is cornering the market to continue to run their multi-trillion dollar schemes at the cost of our lives.


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This is not a recommendation nor a declination.  Meaning I am not fully supporting, but also not denying. 


Borax, in small amounts is a great cancer preventative and cure in some cases. 


The video is a pain, but full of useful information. 


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Hi.. I'm so glad I found this forum and all your exceptional posts. I have found a wealth of info from these pages.

I am also from Michigan, and my husband has just received a medical marijuana certificate for chronic pain, diabetis, heart disease and beginning dementia/alzheimers. The doctors have had him for 9 years and with their treatments, his life has become days of having no energy, no ambition, no strength, just basically sitting through days of not doing much of anything. He is finally ready to fight back, and has decided to try cannabis (why isn't this called "medical cannabis certificate", since that's what it really is!). 

We had no idea Cannabis was so healing until we watched a documentary called "Sacred Plant", I started researching every thing I could find on the subject, which led me to Rick Simpson and his oil. 

After he was certified, he was allowed to purchase a product they recommended. The doctor himself did not give any advice whatsoever, but rather advice was given by the person working in the store selling product. He ended up buying some CBD oil, but after a week of taking this, really isn't feeling any different. He says he thinks his pain is a bit better, but there hasn't been any wow I'm feeling better kind of thing.  However, he is still determined to eventually replace all his multiple drugs with cannabis oil. We're just wondering if the CBD oil isn't quite what he needs (and it was quite expensive, too!)

It's a shame that doctors will not work with patients to do this though! Even though it's all been legalized in Michigan, we still have a long ways to go. Doctors need to be trained in Cannabis treatments and not be afraid to prescribe it/work with it. Course, that would mean they'd end up with less patients in the long run...Just saying! 

I'm hoping you can answer a few questions for me. Any info you can give me will be very much appreciated!

First, a while back in the forum, you mentioned the site "Malloy's Finest" to get everclear or Polmas Vodka delivered to Michigan.. Do you still recommend them? The closest place for us to buy it is in Indiana, which is a 10 hour drive for us (round trip).. If I can get this online, that would be wonderful.. I purchased some of the 99% Isopropyl alcohol, but have to admit, I'm a bit afraid to use it. Like you mentioned, we too are trying to cut out all kinds of chemical based products from our lives. We use non flouride toothpaste, alluminum free deorderant, I make our shampoo, body soap, hand soaps, cleaning products, laundry soap, etc using natural products and essential oils..We threw out any non stick cookware and even replaced the microwave with a toaster oven. Kind of worried about useing the Isopropyl because it's a solvent.. 

Second, how do you get good product at dispensaries? How does one know if they have good product or not? l did find out that there is a dispensary about 35 miles from us. We plan on buying the product until we can harvest our own plants (which we much prefer doing so we know for sure it's grown organically). But even with that, where do you buy seeds? 

Third, I've seen video's on making tinctures. I was wondering if you have an opinion on them? Do you feel they give the same medical benefits as the RSO? What if he used the RSO at night and tincture during the day, or would it be best to just stick to one?

Fourth, do you have any advice on how my husband should go about treating his conditions with Cannabis? Should he follow the Rick Simpson guidelines, even though he doesn't have cancer? We both feel he needs to build up his immunity in order to get his body working on it's own again. He is keeping track of his blood pressure as well as sugar levels carefully every day to watch for dips in both. As each improve, he plans on reducing the amount of prescription drugs he's taking slowly along the way. 

It just sucks that he doesn't have a doctor to help him through this process.. In our area of Michigan, for some reason, all the medical cannabis doctors and dispensaries have been closed down! We had to take a 7 hour round trip just to get his certificate. I have no idea why all these facilities are closed, as I'm new to all this and had no idea there was something brewing in this area concerning Legal Cannabis! But luckily I did find out about the dispensary located 35 miles away (in another county), so at least we can get product. 

I'm sorry to ask so many questions. I'm just so thrilled to have found a forum with info written from another Michiganer!  We were really surprised the doctor that certified him did not offer any medical advice what so ever. Although he was very capable and educated, it was clear that he was just there to approve certificates and had no intention of of actually advising the patient. He has a practice in another part of Michigan, but no where near us. 

By the way, my husband is 73 and retired. He was a very, very healthy man until he ended up in the hospital almost 9 years ago after his blood sugar went sky high (he didn't even know he was diabetic), and from then on, it's been one prescription drug after another. He just wants off the merry go round and wants to start feeling like he's alive again. I've watched him waste away despite having changed our diet completely, detoxified our environment, done everything I know to do, but the drugs! They just have all these side effects that have just taken over his health, and his life. 

Cannabis may not be able to turn things around, but it's sure a better choice than pharmaceuticals. It's more than worth a try to see if he can turn things around before it's just too late!

Again, thank you for writing all the very useful and helpful info you have.. This is all great information. 




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