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Just Saying Hi To All

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Hello, my name is Mike Norman and I'm new to the group. Just wanted to say HI to everyone and I'm looking forward to meeting everyone. I will be attending the meeting tonight, maybe I'll meet you here. I've applied for my card back on Feb. 17th the state cashed my check on Feb 23rd but I'm still waitng for my card. Wow! State surely took my money quickly but here I still sit and wait. According to what I'm hearing on the street is that I'm good to go. True? It's a pleasure meeting you all and I look forward to meeting you in person.

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You're good, and Welcome by the way. Don't be flashy about bunny muffin and you'll be fine. Keep things hush hush, I know having you're own grow room will be cool and you gotta brag to somebody, but don't not even when you have your card, the less people that know the less off the radar you are. Legal, protected or not.

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