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What Ever Happened To...philanthropy?

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I am not sure exactly what you are referring to. It would be helpfull if you gave more information about your concern. I too have some crucial questions that arise when I notice that certain persons are no longer communicating as they once seem to have been. This raises disturbing speculation in my mind and probably does for others too. Lack of communication, poor communication and reckless communication are the most effective ways to weaken an organization. Do you have specifics in mind?




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hi Irish, look in the member list see if he's still there, I don't' know how long a member account stays active if they don't post for awhile, or if there's a way to delete an account if the person wants to leave.


I like the proverb you're using. :)



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thanks __________, i emailed him yesterday and already heard back, he is fine, just very active with his community garden and other mmj activist-stuff in his neck of the woods, Flint.


Thanks guys rolleyes.gif



I was going to say maybe he is gone for the summer,,Im leaving home soon for the woods, just waiting for the kids to get done with school and im gone, no p.c, no phones ,,just woods, water, and good times! till skewl starts back up! cool.gif


my avitar pic is from last yr in the woods!

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