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Mich. Court Limits Drug Charges Against Drivers

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DETROIT (AP) — Michigan's relatively new medical marijuana law played a role in a significant ruling that stops prosecutors from charging motorists who have a byproduct of pot in their body.

Posted: 6/9/2010


The Michigan Supreme Court says the presence of "carboxy" is not a crime. The court on Tuesday overturned a 2006 decision by the court's former conservative majority.


Carboxy is created when the active ingredient in marijuana breaks down. Experts say it can be in the body for weeks and doesn't signal that a driver is impaired.


Under the 2006 decision, Justice Michael Cavanagh noted that someone who uses medical marijuana might never know when it's legal to drive because carboxy sticks around for a long time.


The court ruled in the case of a driver who killed a pedestrian in 2005. Medical marijuana was not an issue.



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good news for the medicinal patient and recreational user. this law was pretty stupid to begin with. I was also unaware of how liberal our michigan supreme court justices are. makes me feel alot better for bob and torey's upcoming case...



this is BIG news thanks for the support Christina. can any one tell me why it would not work for us?

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