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Out Of State Resident


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General Information about the Program http://www.state.mi.us/orr/emi/admincode.asp?AdminCode=Single&Admin_Num=33300101&Dpt=CH&RngHigh= You must be a Michigan resident to be a registered patient in the Michigan Medical Marihuana Program (MMMP).


Not everyone has a Driver's License or a State ID. The other would be for pieces of acceptable ID. There was a list of what would be acceptable, but I can't locate it.



Oh wait - Rule 3

Photocopies of the following shall

be considered acceptable forms of identification:

(i) Current driver's license or identification card, with photo, issued by

a state.

(ii) Identification card with photo issued by a federal, state, or

government agency.

(iii) Current military identification card.

(iv) Current passport.

(v) Current student identification card with photo.

(vi) Native American tribal identification with photo

(vii) Permanent resident card or alien registration receipt card.

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Thanks everyone for the info. Other than no meds, the one thing that gets me is that if gambling is illegal in one state, a resident of that state can go to a gambling state, gamble and its OK.


I believe it is legal for out of state people to get a Michigan mmj ID card.


How? I don't know.


Seems that if you have a passport it would be acceptable to the MDCH in the application process.

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Thanks again everybody. This is the fundamental problem with medical marijuana laws. They deny a medical treatment that is available to others. I realize that this law is a foot in the door and that they don't want to offend other states but its far from being non-discriminatory. The only fair solution is to just have a state legalize or greatly decriminalize it. This might be too much of a shock for voters in some states and would guarantee non passage.

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