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My name is Dottie and i am here to see what kind of ideas i can gleen for myself and two of my sons. My middle son and I both share chronic bacterial infections, they call Lyme Disease.


I am also co-infected with Rocky Mt. Spotted Fever, and i am not sure if my son has any co's as he has yet to be tested. My youngest son suffers a TBI (traumatic brain injury) from a near fatal car accident on Labor Day 2007. He was only 16 at the time. He has had hundreds of tick bites from the same place i was infected, so chances are he has some type of tick-borne illiness as well.


I am happy to be a part of such a ground breaking group, it's very nice to be here with all of you.


tongue.gifThe Sweetest,



p.s. I forgot to let everyone know we were all born and raised in Mid-Michigan (St. Charles) lived there over 30 years. We have been planning a move back, b4 the new law came into playbiggrin.gif

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Welcome " Dottie " to MMMA 2.0


Very sorry to hear about your health issues for

you and your Family ....


Hopefuly you 'll find all the information you

will need to help you get started ...


There's alot of Good People here that will help

you w/ any questions you may have...


Visit as often as you like ...

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