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End The Drug War:watch Stossel Tonight 8 Pm

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When ANYONE from FOX says something; even something you agree with, ask yourself why are they saying it and who will benefit from it.

They never speak of freedom unless it's a ruse to oppress the people further.


Fox is to news what Burger King is to gourmet French cooking.

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Guest Medicinal Patient

TY for posting the video's.. I have no TV so it was wonderful to accually watch this show! I thought it was very good!


Your avatar reminds me of how I feel with this burning pain everywhere. Feels like the 4th of July in my low back today with shooting nerve pain. Ugh!

Anywho, here is a link to watch live news channels like cnn, msnbc, fox news etc. Alot of the links lead you to justin.tv where they are broadcast from.

Tikilive.com also streams cnn 24/7. Heres the page with all the news streams. There is a sports section too. http://atdhe.net/watchtv.html

If the channel shows justin.tv you can click anywhere on the broadcast to go to that jtv room where they have a chat area. Peace

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