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Salutations And Greetings To All!

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I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. My name is jody and i live in the cadillac area. I am a patient and caregiver. Looking for information and networking with some good quality people. My husband and i owned and operated a dairy farm for the better part of 15 years. I started using medical marijuana this past winter to help with my severe back pain. I had a tumor removed from my back several years ago. I have tried all the pain meds,injections, and rehab around. I was a little hesitant of using it at first, but as soon as i did i found energy and pain reduction i havent had in years! I am happy to have some of my life back.


Hopefully i can find people on here in my area on this page to discuss and grow together through this great benefit the michigan government has allowed us to have. I cant wait to meet you all!



Have a good one =-)




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Guest finallyfree09

Yes.. i grew up in your area.. ITs not too far.. we would love to have you..

we need as many people as we can get don't we? :rolleyes:


welcome to the community!

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i live in osceola, what city are you from ?

you all sure know how to make a new comer feel welcome -P









Well... Hopefully We'll be here till the cows come home ... LoL


We're up here in Montmorency County , Im probly a couple hours away ...


Yes... There are lots of Good People here and lots of good information ...

Visited as often as you like .... They also have a chat room here ...


Enjoy Yourself


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