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Reverse Osmosis Water Holding Tank?

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Anyone have any opinions of how to store their RO water? and be able to easily access it? Maybe a large 55 gal resivoir and a pump to get the water out? or a nossle on the outside of the holding bucket? or do i have to dip my 5 gal buckets into the holding bucket to get water from it. I got the stealth 100 RO and the float valve stop... just wondering a good way to store it, and with easy access to it.

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Hmm.. My post disappeared.. My recommendation for keeping RO water fresh and easily accessible is: A 55 gal food grade drum.. install a shutoff valve on the side toward the bottom.. Build a short stand out of treated 2x4's about 18-24" off the floor to support the drum and keep it elevated.. Use a couple large air stones attached to the inside bottom of the drum to keep the water moving and oxygenated.. You could also use a submersible pump to extract the water as well..

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i have an extra refrigerator that i fill with 30 gallons in milk jugs every night.



nice, cool water for the ladies every morn :)



Stop the Madness! This reminds me of Deuce Bigalow movie where He gives his fish bottled water then drinks the rusty crap from the tap.

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Basically LansingAreaCaregiver said it all. The new host (the host we're on now) had the data base for 1:14pm yesterday (though I think I said in notice 1:48). That data base was used to make this mirror. So any post that was made after 1:14 yesterday till this site came back online is gone.


Because of the way our old host was set up a command line transfer of the db at the last minute wasn't possible. We actually didn't even have access to our own data bases, but luckily this IPB software allows us to back up and make mysql queries via the back end. So I used that backup for the site mirror.


As far as the DNS transfer, it was supposed to be a transition so fast the site wasn't down. But problems with the new nameservers ensued and I'm not really sure what all happened in that. But the sites back now, and looks like the higher-ups got the domain name issues figured out.


Everything should be fine from here out.



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