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Cant Trust No One

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So my wife goes into the my pl. disp. she comes out with 100 quarter dried up meds.She says "why does it always look different than what i picked out?.Everytime she gets meds from there they are way to dry and brittle.Larch street has way better meds my opinion goes 2 show u have to watch it when everyone is out for themselves.Anyone have similar instances? Theyre not pulling my leg, been doiun this for way 2 long

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Yea I had that happen to me the last two times I went there, the display looked great nice chunky bud get the meds and its all stem and no herb, same stuff i throw into the hash making pile. You would think for $20 a gram you would get nothing but AAA quality.



Thats what I thought! And your right I agree, for that price theyre shouldnt even be stems lol

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The disp in Dryden rocks, you see what you want, and it's done right infront of you. Top notch people, well worth the road trip for me. Just me personally, but if you have questions about the place your going to now, I'd ask them. Ask them if they can bag it up and measure it out in front of you so you know exactly what your getting. I would think any reputable place would be happy to accommodate that request.

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