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Is My Set Up Ok?


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Hello Everybody


I was wondering if you think this is a sufficient set up to supply top notch

medicine to my patients. I recently became a caregiver a few months back so

feedback from experienced growers would be greatly appreciated


Using the 3x3 DR 80 grow tent.

400 watt HPS/MH conversion

8 gal rez eb and flow

Technaflora nutes

oscillating fan hooked up to co2 bucket

95 cfm exhaust fan located at the top

210 cfm fan blowing cool air directly from the AC VENT into the bottom of tent

light 2 ft from canopy

maintaining temp from 70 to 80

humidity is a little high around 65. is that ok?

ph 6, but sometimes 7 for a day

ppm between 800 to 1300


Any more details just ask, is this sufficient or am I missing something?

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From that little bit of info this what I see wrong


1. Light is too far from canopy. ( I keep my 400w 8 inches from top of canopy )


2. UNLESS i AM NOT PICTURING YOUR SETUP RIGHT. Co2 is being wasted if you have a 95cfm fan blowing air out your tent.

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A higher intake cfm then exhaust will cause "positive pressure" or air to be pushed out of your tent, and I dont see anything listed such as a carbon filter to take care of this, if you have any smelly MJ it will reek your house up. I would switch the intake and ehxaust fans If I were you.


When the exhaust fan is pulling more air than the intake it will create negative pressure and actualy draw more air in from the intake increasing the fans cfm.


I also notice you say patients, you may have trouble keeping them supplied with 1 400w light. The way the law is set up a perpetual harvest is almost a neccasity to stay constantly supplied and within the law. So after harvest you might be right at your limit, but then you have to wait 3 months or so for the next clones to flower so its tough without 2 rooms.

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First of all :




" PadroPadro " to MMMA 2.0


There are so many way to grow Successfully ...


Every grower has their own special way of growing ...

There are probly 100's of ways to do it ...


The best suggestion is to get to as many Compassion Meetings

as possible ... Meet some new Friends , get some phone numbers ...


See if you can see others grow rooms if possible ...

Im sure there are some that will show you how their doing it !


Look on Youtube Videos ... There are some really good videos

that are very helpful ....


W/out seeing pictures of what you've got going is hard for

anyone to really understand your set-up ....


Theres alot of Good Books out there that are very Helpful

in setting up a Successful Grow Room....


Plus there are Many post w/in this Site ...

It does require alittle effort on your part in searching ...


You Might Check out " Bubblegrowers " Post Here :




Hope this has helped

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