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Now What?


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I just got my paperwork signed by the Dr. (I have Rheumatoid Arthritis) but it says I need a caregiver to sign and have their info on the paperwork before I send it in. I've heard cards are taking up to 5 mos. so I'd like to get this out asap. But HOW do I find a caregiver? Why would someone even take me on if I won't be a "paying" patient for 5 mos? Anybody able to help or tell me where to go for answers?


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Welcome " reneeks5 " to MMMA 2.0


Please try to find the closes Compassion Meeting ...


Meet some new Friends , get some phone numbers ...

There is Lots of Good people that will help make

your journey into this Strange World ALOT EASIER ....


and Remember to Always Protect Yourself

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