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Why The Sept 8Th Protest Is Vital

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This is a separation of Liberty and Justice. The people of michigan voted to enact a law to allow medical use of marijuana, a liberty. The state of michigan respected the vote by its people and gave us justice, to use marijuana for medical use.

The separation of liberty and justice is happening here in Oakland County. Oakland County City Commission, Brooks Patterson, and Sheriff Bouchard are deliberately disobeying the wishes of the people of the state of Michigan - they are withholding Justice that must go with our Liberty. They are violating the oath of the office that we, the people elected them to.


The protest is because every separation of Liberty and Justice is a break down of our faith in what holds this country together. We have Faith that Justice and Liberty will remain in the hands of the people of United States of America, and the state of michigan.


Change is one of the most powerful laws of nature, Change will happen regardless of law. Change is the will of the people.


All we asked for in the Michigan Medical Marijuana Program was for sick people to get relief. We created the law, and we followed the law - it is time that local governments follow the law - the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act of 2008, and the Law of Change.


This is going to be historical - Oakland county has said from the begining they will not obey the law as passed by its people.

That day, we are going to hold them accountable to the law.



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We should all be VERY thankful that our Mr. Bouchard DID NOT win in the primaries to run for governor on the Republican ticket.


I can only imagine how nasty that would have been for us all if he'd been given the opportunity to run the State government..


We have to keep pushing.


Thanks to everyone for their alertness and efforts.

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