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Question About Seeds In The Buds

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I have a question about seeds showing up in my buds. Off a plant I'm flushing ,I got a couple tester buds cause I F'ed up and snapped the top off by mistake on a light. The couple of little buds were fine but then when I just ground up the top cola I found a seed. When I went back in to look at the plant I noticed a few little almost done seeds starting to come through my buds. I pulled one seed out of the bud still on the plant and it was all green still.


My question is should I harvest em right away to halt any further seed growth or should I let em ripen all the way before harvesting so I don't have little starter seeds getting cut up in my bud. Would either way mess up the quality of the smoke?

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Guest drcanna-pest

I had a feminized god bud seed from BC bud depot go Hermie and it polluted a crop of blueberry outside of the lost weight from the seeds it was still some awesome medicine so id harvest it according to the trichomes..



agreed. wait until the plant is ready...look at the trichomes. 30% amber or more then pull them. If you are getting seeds that must be a hermie strain or you have let light stress or too much of any stress can make them turn hermie. Just let them go and you will still have good smoke. Next time change strains, clean the room so there is no pollen left over to ruin the next crop. and be careful too keep the flowering room COMPLETELY DARK and do no interrupt the dark cycle.

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What I have done is at this point spend the time and irritation to snip the little yellow bannanas and tell-tale hairs in hopes of a lessening by a little the thousands of seeds and then let the flowering go the distance. The pollen is out and imposssible to recapture and your crop is past tense screwed (literally, botanically) whatever you do or don't do. You either wind up with a short crop with seeds or a full crop full of seeds, it's too late now. The males are in and it's not possible to go back to kill the males or or the hermies (bisexuals) and snip the yellow bannanas two months back when they got their start with the very willing girls.


Next time, keept a closer watch; its why you aren't throwing seeds in the woods and coming back six months later, you are the constantly attentive indoor grower.

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Right on thanks for the answers!! I think what happend is I been going to my friends house for the last month and he had a hermie somewhere cause when we trimmed up his bud a week ago he had 2 nodes with mega very visable seeds. I'm thinking I might have got some dust on me or something and brought it home with me. It's really late in the game to just start noticing them on my plant. They been flowering over 8 weeks and I'm just starting to notice a few breaking though, like 5 or 6 for the whole plant, about one per a bud site.


I just next time need to follow my own advice to people and make sure I have clean clothes on EVERY time I go into my room!!! I have to keep reminding myself that friends grows and compassion clubs can be dangerous places for my plants!! And hopefully this wont happen again unless I grow my very own hermie!!! :)

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hmmmn and who's house are you inplying you got seeded? LOL

Guess ill make you wear a hazmat suit next time ya come over... LOL

dont see how you could alrady have seeds if its from that plant we cut down last sunday that had a slight hermie problem.. Its dry enough to smoke now and i havent found any seeds yet to see how far they had matured

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I've gone thru this with a couple of grows. It is not impossible for you to have picked up some pollen on your clothing from someones outdoor plants. This is one of several possibilities. It could also be that one of your own plants went a bit hermy on you. It is hard to pick up on male flowers when the plant is in full flower, it also is not unheard of. You can always let the plant go to full flower, then pick out the seeds as you use the product. Heck, we did this for years in the '60's and '70's, every ounce you bought had at least an eighth of an ounce of seeds and stems...oh, thank goodness those days are passed...Peace...j.b.

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For there to be any seeds-- the plant either

(A) got pollinated from airborne pollen from a nearby grow

(B) Got pollinated by another plant you had in the room that hemied/was male and popped before you pulled it -OR-

© Most likely, it started to stress hermie early in the grow- then you corrected the problem, so it stopped producing male flowers. These can grow deep inside a female bud where you will NEVER find it...


As for when to chop---


If all the trichomes (crystals on the sugar leaves and buds) have headed-up and appear to look like mushrooms or pearls-- then it MAY be ready, depending on their color.


If more than 10% are still clear-- it is not ready, you COULD chop it, but it would be early- less potent and more "trippy/up" than described by the breeder for that strain of Cannabis.


If all are cloudy, now is when to chop to get the type of effect described by the breeder UNLESS that breeder specifies in THEIR info to do otherwise...


Once they start to turn amber, the THC had begun to degrade... a few here and there can make it a deeper stone and add a bit of couchlock... but more that 10%=15% and the potency drops.


Be sure to flush the plants... many people just stop feeding them the last 2-3 weeks and run a lot of water thru the soil 2 -3 weeks before harvest. IMO this is not an efficient way to grow, since the buds put on the most weight and resin the last 3 weeks... starving them at that point is counter-productive.


Emergency flush them using a hydro method (see link below)

If already growing in hydro-- simply dump the rez 3-5 days before you harvest and fill with just water.


This forces the plant to use-up it's stores of Carbs & un-processed nutes still within it's system... eliminating a lot of harshness and bringing out the flavor and oils of the plant.


Emergency Flush for Harvest





Harvesting, drying & curing





Harvest times by FruityBudz


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