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My Next Grow (Advice)


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There are a number of auto flowers which stay relatively short. DJ shorts auto blueberry was pretty nice, i've also tried dinafem's road runner.


Keeping the plants short can be done through a combination of LST/trimming.


There is alot to growing this, none of it is "easy" persay, theres just alot of information to absorb and be aware of.


Have you had any good experiences with some name brand medication before? A few names could help generate a list of similar strains.



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Auto flowering strains come from Ruderalis crosses-- and stay smaller and are a faster grow--- watch the breeder info though, they tend to be lower in potency, due to the ruderalis.


ANY mostly-Indica plant can be kept small by simply flowering it early.... as soon as it has it's 4th-5th set of leaves... they'll continue to vegetate in 12/12 until "sexually mature" and flower sooner than if you vegged that same amount of time then switched to 12/12 (then they'd need a couple extra weeks to make that chemical change to flower-mode)Some- (like Sensi Star and Hash Plant) stay small, and actually need a longer vegging time to produce well-- but they DO produce well!


There are a lot of 45-50 day strains out there that are quite good... but some are REAl pricey!


These come to mind: (*= have grown and liked it!)

Afghani #1*, Power Skunk, Sensi Skunk, Shiva Shanti*,White Lable Rhino*, Shiva Skunk, Ganesh*, Sensi Star*, Hashplant* and Northern Lights* (these last 2 are expensive-- but IMO worth it!)

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when picking out strains I would think you want to pick what meds work for you.


I like the Clubs I belong to - as you trade clones from meds you tried.


Of course you'll want to experiment with strains to decide what grows best in your room.

I can LST a tall sativa (and its worth its weight for the trouble) - but I try to stay away from AK47 or some indicas as they get bushy and take up too much of my light footprint on the floor.



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We grew the Hashplant from Sensi Seeds, and really liked it... was a very short, shrubby & frosty xmas tree that produced quite well...once dried and cured, smelled like dark chocolate/roasted coffee.

I wish I still had some of those seeds-- but can't see paying that price when I have other genetics we like almost as well (Sensi Star)


We really like the Mr. Nice G13 x Hashplant, it goes longer-- but is a huge yielder of verg good quality... very good for Pain, Insomnia, nausea and Fibromyalsia.

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