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Traveling Outta State With Meds


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im sure someone else has asked this already but i am wondering if anyone knows about traveling outta state with meds... i know there are other states that allow medical marijuana, but do they allow foreigners from other states?? and then what about the other states in between, we could be arrested in those states right? also can we fly with our meds??? sorry for my lack of knowledge on these issues.

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Here is one of the better write ups I have seen out there....




and from a more recent article



Four states have reciprocal medical marijuana laws


Qualified patients’ use of cannabis is not generally recognized outside their home state. However, four of the 13 effective state medical laws include reciprocity: Montana, Rhode Island, Michigan and Maine. Montana was the first state with reciprocity in 2004. Then Rhode Island copied it into their law in 2006. Next, Michigan incorporated it into their law in 2008. Most recently, Maine added it in November 2009.


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The TSA supposedly put out a memo that they will not stop people from leaving with marijuana that are state card holders. Not sure about them letting you bring it in.


The canadian/US border WILL NOT reconise medical marijuana and will at least seize it. You could be arrested as they are federal officers.


Did you know? Montana law has a loophole that allows out of state residents to apply for their MM card!


Just check the state you are visiting by googling for their laws, then consider the city or county you will be in - they might have michigan style memoriams in place.


Passing through states that do not reconise MM is a problem - they don't reconise MM laws - so I bet they will apply CSA laws on you. Don't stop!



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