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Need Help Getting Caregiver Certification And Getting Started Growing.


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hi out there. have been interested in growing for a long time but up until now it was illegal. i really could use some advice on how to get started from experienced people. i really want to help people feel better. i think that marijuana is a miracle drug and trully believe it can help thousands if not millions of people.

Well a good start would be to find a local compassion club and hang out get to know people.You can also look for familt,friends,neighbors, that are possibley sick or hurting that qualify or all ready have a card. To be a caregiver, you can not have a drug felony of any kind. You can be a murder,rapist,child mollester, but not a drug charge. if the person hasnt sent in there papers you can be added then. If they all ready sent them in, then you have to get a paper and send it in with $10.00. and then you have to build a grow area. buy equipment, nutes, ect. any thing else?

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Start reading....when you feel you can't read anymore, read some more... HighTimes is a great reference tool, Here, CannibisCulture, any of the grow forums really...


Please remember Mircial Grow is neither a Mircial(sorry bout my spelling) nore worthy of GROWing MMJ... stay away from the MG..lol..


Otherwise MMJ is a WEED...lol... easy to grow, but difficult to grow WELL...


Reading is your friend... getting a catalog or 2 would be helpfull in trying to decide upon a lot of things... Im partial to the local hydro shop, but also use the catalog as a reference (sunshine sypply, google it)


other than that, id say READ.... lol

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