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De-Humidifer Water


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I did it. I modded the 30 pint dehumiditfier to dump into a 2.5 gallon water container.

On the bad nights, it would fill up 2 gallons! But it works. This is another reason to plastic your room, the dehumidifier can be just powerful enough to dry the grow room, not the entire house.


I tested PH a couple of times and it always seemed like the PH of the water was the same as it went into the plant - afterall - the water is from the plant transpiration.


For new units - I recommened you dump the first couple of loads - the water can have oil and grease used in the assembly of the unit - you don't want it in your plants!


Be aware dehumidifiers put out heat - this is why you try to buy the right size unit for the size of your room.

Plants that will be within 2.5 feet of the exaust from the dehumidifier will get BURNED. If they are 2.5+ feet away, they'll be fine - just rotate the plant's location every couple of days. Expect to adjust your grow room environment for the extra heat, I have a inline fan with a fan speed controller, the oscillating fan was turned higher, more A/C.

Dehumidifiers are small air conditioning units - they use a lot of electricity and AMPS.

Watch where you plug them in - notice they have heavy duty plugs - don't plug them in the same circuit as your lights!



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Thats awsome. Thanks for the info this will be great. No insults intended but it would be great to hear Mr. Bubblegrower's opinion on this matter.


personally i do not use it. reason being is because im in hydro and all the water i use is chilled first. r.o. straight from the fridge. too cold to go on dirt :)


other than that, if its clean room temp water you want..............USE AWAY!!

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