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Prince Of Pot Sentenced To 5 Years In Us Prison


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when did he go in? has it been a year? he got 5 years, including 4 years of supervised probation. if he's served a year at this point, shouldn't he get released?


i don't ask this, as if it should all be okay now, but hope for him he can at least get out of the cage the put him in.


ridiculous. the poor guy gets put in jail, because of seeds. F'ing SEEDS!! i guess, at least, we should be thankful they were unable to trump any other charges up on the guy. i'm sure they tried to make an example out of him in the efforts to make a "significant blow" to the marijuana legalization movement. that, as i'm sure they (prosecutors/judge) smoked plenty of cigarettes, drank plenty of alcohol, through the entire court process. but, those things (things they admit are bad for you) are fine, because they're legal. why is mj illegal? oh, yeah, because "it's bad for you?" do they have any proof of that, aside from their tired, played-out studies from years ago, which hold no water today? and, even if it is bad for you, how "dangerous" is it, in proportion to the dangers of alcohol or cigarettes?


alright, alright.... i'm still pissed off from that brian guy on the nightline video i watched last night...... :)

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