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Houghton Lake Compassion Club


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Houghton Lake Compassion Club


September 14th , 2010


Place : East Bay Lodge on 125 Twelfth Street


in Prudenville , Michigan 48651


989-366-5910 ask for Randy


Time 7 - 9 pm


See Map :



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Yah ... I get to see my Friends on

that side of the State ...


Only Sad thing is i forgot to

keep a Free Leonard Clone ...


But thats Ok ... I 'll get one going soon :thumbsu:


I've got a Black Queen in the oven and another

White Rhino , a Beautiful Bubba Kush , a Rock Lock

and a Shark Breath ....


Thank God Jane is a Caregiver ...


Looking foward to seeing You tomorrow " Annnie "





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