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When To Flower


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I would keep growing it out. I'd estimate, because you said it took two months to reach 13 inches, that if you out that plant into flower now you would be very lucky to even get an ounce out of it.

thanks for the reply..i forgot to say that i grew it from seed...so do you go by age or how tall the plant..

maybe i should wait till the plants hit the mature stage..og is a very strong plant and a true plesure to grow..just my o2

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OG is an aggressively vigorous strain and can stretch greatly in flower.. A stretch of 2.5'+ can be expected depending on the pheno.. Some will stretch 4-6' before finished.. How old are these beans from GH??

they came from dr greenthumb and they are very good beans...i will put in the flower room when they are two

months....wow that's a lot of stretch...thanks for the help..

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