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Rick Olson Marijuana Stance

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Hello this is a response that I received from Rick Olson(GOP) he his running for the state representative for the 55th legislative district.


Thanks for your inquiry that you posted from my campaign website. Sorry it has taken awhile to respond.


I have pasted below my responses to questions that were posed to me by Cannabis Patients United which I typed into Microsoft Word and copied and pasted here. The questions were on a separate sheet, but I believe you can figure out what the question was without actually seeing the question.


This is an issue that has become a hot topic in many towns, primarily because so many of the details on how the new law was to be applied were not in the initiative itself. I just saw that a task force has been formed to try to iron out some of the details so they can be enacted uniformly across the state, and not force every jurisdiction to figure them out for themselves, and end up with a patchwork quilt of regulations that could ensnare legitimate users if they are not at home where they know the rules.


I hope this answers your questions. If not, feel free to give me a call. I would be happy to discuss this with you.


Rick Olson, Candidate for State Representative - Ready to Serve as Your Voice for Jobs

55th Legislative District

525 Judd Road, Saline, MI 48176

734-944-0794, 734-646-5286 cell






These are not issues I have a great deal of knowledge about, information on which to gain familiarity or time in the midst of a campaign to do extensive research about. So, I will attempt to let you know what I do know and think about these issues – for what they are worth.


I support the patient’s right to access marijuana for pain control purposes. Some friends have related to me the relief they have experienced, and I am for that.


I do not favor the widespread use of marijuana, however. I understand the arguments that people should be free to do whatever they wish with their bodies. I have also heard the arguments that marijuana use does not cause health problems despite long-term use. (I don’t know if I am completely convinced, but be that as it may.) Nonetheless, I see any non-prescription drug use as counterproductive to an individual’s success in life and do not support its promotion. I fought to keep my college fraternity free of drugs and have never used an illegal drug, and don’t wish to encourage their use.


1. To the extent that a patient can get the equivalent of a doctor’s prescription (I understand they don’t “prescribe” marijuana, just opine that marijuana may enhance their pain control.) with a patient simply saying they experience pain (a subjective thing that doctor cannot objectively document), that feels more open to what I feel comfortable with. Nonetheless, that is what the people of the state have approved, and I will not seek to repeal the law. Thus, in answer to question 1, I guess that means I would not seek to impair the care-giver-patient relationship provided for within the MMMA.


2. I am not thrilled with an economic rebound based on growing marijuana. Nonetheless, if marijuana use is authorized by law, someone needs to grow it, and with my opposition to widespread usage, it needs to be under controlled conditions. Fields and fields of unguarded marijuana do not seem to be a way to keep marijuana out of the hands of juveniles.


3. I do not support extending the authorization to mental illness. That appears to simply compound the patient’s problems.

4. I would prefer objective standards, rather than zero-tolerance.

5. I do not like marketplace restrictions, so allowing only a few companies to grow the marijuana seems anti-competitive and unwise. I would want the dispensaries to be licensed, however, otherwise the distribution will be well beyond medical use.

6. I am not aware of what “compassionate care centers” are. Centers under appropriate supervision to dispense marijuana under controlled conditions appear OK, as long as all other conditions are met.

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lets keep in mind that he stated those are his current beliefs with no prior research, im sure his opinion can change, he also stated that he has intimate knowledge of its benefits vicariously through a friend, so he is already on the path of truth as it pertains to medical marijuana.


i hope we arent all basing our decision on a candidate solely on his mmj view, id hate to vote for hitler cause he was the only one to say, ill fight to legalize it for all!



hope that made sense :)

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No that does make sense Hempcheff, I was just surprised by his response, it wasn't the typical political double speak.


Hectic, You're right.


The politicians are getting much better at appearing to be honest and straight forward.


But it's an old saying that 'past behaviour is the best indicator of 'future' behavior'.


And ANY monkey in the circus can be taught how to blow smoke up the elephant's a** to get the peanut out of its trunk.


But VOTE this November 2nd... and at least pretend it will change things. We might just be surprised... and GOD I hope so.

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