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Dispensary Question


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What, if any, are the laws/rules for a person in the general public walking into a MM dispensary? Regarding the infamous raids, who is to say a person living in the city a dispensary is located in decides to go into one, to see what is going on in there, to see how it is set up, just out of curiosity, even if for no other reason then to feel assured it is not seeming shady, the people running it are not hateful jerks but instead, polite law abiding community friendly and revenue contributing people?


That being said, when the police raid a place, and all in them, who is to say someone just wasn't walking by that chose to go in and have a look, become educated by the friendly and educating dispensary people?


Further, I think it would be a great way to share public awareness by having brochures to educate the general public/local community with in dispensaries and also show how community friendly a dispensary is.


Is it like a bar where people have to be 21 to go into? Can a person who is not a card holder go in one? Are minors allowed to go in one? What are the rules on that?


Thank you.

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Usually someone without an ID card is not allowed inside.


Some of them make exception for 21 day old paperwork. Since the raids, I would expect those to be more rare than before.


If someone makes contact ahead of time a guided tour might take place.


For instance, city council members might want to see the inside of the operation. In which case most dispensaries would welcome them in and give them a tour.


That would be an exception.

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