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Longevity Or How Long Can I Keep It Stored

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Oh Guru's of the herb :D , I have a question. After proper drying and curing what is the shelf life of medical mj. I mean how is the best way to store. I know I'll probably have more than I need, and would want to stash it for later consumption. So my question is how long can i store it and would jars be the best way. If jarring isn't the best what would you recommend.


All info is welcome. And secondly I hope this is a good spot for this question.

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hey willie,i asked this same question a while back,from what i'd heard,there was one fella who stored meds for three years and said it was fine...what i've done is vac.pack,in old blue pt. mason jars and then stored them in a cool dark place,i popped one at three months,and man nicely cured Meds.are nice..lol..the age at this point did nothing but good,i'll let you know at 6 months and again at a year...good luck...zzb

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