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Is Mh Necessary For Veg?


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a few guys i knew out west, who imho were pros, always pulled of huge harvests of top notch medical quality herb - using HPS for the veg phase as well.


i know all of the reasons MH is better for veg, but do any of you use this HPS only method as well, or have compared, and have test results?



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The best scenario is using both all the way through veg and flower. That way the plants are getting the spectrum of light that they can use the most of. I personally haven't tried a one or other all the way through grow, but from my reading and conversations with folks that have done the experiments, if both types of lamps are available use them, if you only have one type available, you can grow all the way to harvest with it (just expect less than ideal results).


Hope that answers your question, if not please elaborate as there will be more folks popping in with information.

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