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Skin Cancer

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Any resin soaked indica dominate plant will do...


just make sure to get on it asap...accept the help being offered


Nothing to wait on....wish you the best...glad youre doing the oil


Probably best to apply topically AND take the full 3 month internal treatment


Please share your progress and results....Peace!


Ricks website


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I haven't been back to see the Dr. yet .

I will be starting oil treatment after i see her again.


Glad that you're still reading here.


Before 1937, topical preparations of cannabis were an accepted cure for skin cancers by doctors in the US.


Those preparations seemed to fall into two areas.


One was an extract of the seed.

The other was an extract of the leaf.


I'm guessing that those preparations that were made from leaf were actually make from whole plant.


Old folk remedies would include poultices made directly from leaf and then plastered to the area. Then covered with a bandage and allowed to soak into the area.


This is an example of an accepted cure for cancer being made illegal by our government.


Simpson oil mixes with olive oil well. It may be easier to apply the Simpson oil when mixed with a little olive oil. Perhaps 10% olive oil.


I would expect to see different quality of results based on the strain being used.


Two strains seem to have been identified as working. White Widow and Blueberry.


Many others would work in the place of these two.


There have been many cases reported of skin cancers going away after topical application of cannabis preparations since our new law went into effect.

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