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I have a strawberry Chronic & Whit Widow clones in a 2 plant bubble-my first try at Bubble growing-I put then in & added 1/2 nutes 5 days later-micro/flora-then 5 days later added the other half-that was 6 days ago & Yesterday I noticed that certain leaves have small browm/black damage spots-they look like water droplets -it starts at the edge & works its way back-I NEED to stay on top of this-I just lost my Bloom to mites-& this is part of my nexy crop--I did not see any place to troubleshoot as far as plant stress--did I miss it?? Can someone give me some advice on where I should start my search to find out what the problem is before I lose these plants too-?? Also--I need to get a meter sooo what is best--what do YOU the growers use??? Thanks for the help! always greatful!

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