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Home Repair Issues


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I'm a legal patient and caregiver and have run into an issue I knew would arise.


My furnace went out, and is in need of service, or, having a new furnace installed.


This is above my pay grade, and I must call in someone.. Trouble is, my flower room is about 7 feet away from said furnace,

and veg about 15' away..not going to be able to cover it up..


Is there a list of 'friendly' repairmen , contractors, plumbers, etc.. that we as a community can use? or if not can we start one??


If anyone knows of a furnace company, or licensed 'guy', let me know, or lets start a thread with a list?



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Having a general idea of location would help.. There IS a services section at the bottom of the forums too...


My dad has a hundred years in HVAC, it's too bad cancer is shriveling him up like a prune.. I never followed his path, so I can't help...


I WILL say, they are VERY basic, a simple control board, a gas/oil valve and a thermocouple... 95% of the time it's the thermocouple that goes out (it senses the heat)

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