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Sensi Star


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Hi guys, I've been toying around with different strains to grow. The SENSI STAR looks to have impressive numbers relating to maturity, yield, and a thc up to 20%, and cbd @ .9% Has anybody tried this strain? Just looking to try something new. I'm hydro and in an inside grow room. The idea of taking a crop in 63 days or less sounds pretty good. Probably will be another bubble-tote grow.

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There are a few different phenos of the sensi star.

A more indica dominant pheno that is very skunky and funky - such as what I've seen in Lansing.

There can also be hazey phenos as well - purple, licoricey, citrus and floral.


I'm currently running superstar which is backcrossed sensi star.

the star is a baller - always shimmering.

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