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White Powder Like Substance On My Plants


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sknkwrks, hey dude. I had powdery mildew, u need to act fast lol i did everything prior to a sulfur burner and it just cam back. So do the burner man, save urself a head ache.. here is how i did it...

So here is my ultra budget sulfur burner. From what i have read this should work fine. All it is is a ceramic 100 watt heat emiter( $28.00), a lizard tank light fixture and a can. The ceramic heat thing heats up can which has sulfur in it, sulfur gets hot and starts to smoke and buh bye mildew!! The guy at the hydro store is ordering me the sulfur (wont be in till friday) only $16. FOR LIKE 2LBS.. He even looked up the heat elements for actual sulfur burners and they too are 100 watt :) have a little water in the ca just to see if the heat transfers like i want. Im sure it will, just curious lol. I think i





so here is the burner and the sulfur, i put 2 tablespoons of the sulfur in it. i ran it for the last 40-60 min of my light cycle with no fans running. temps raise up a bit but nothing major. room was filled with the vapor stuff :) let it settle for about an hour after the lights and the burner went out Turned back on all my fans and let the room air out and get some needed fresh air. Everything I have read says this will be 100% effective.. Just smells funky now. not like rotten eggs but weird... so ok to the pics... :sword:


here it is hanging and working lol hard to see the vapor stuff in the pic buts its flowing


here is what it looks like inside of it real quick..


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Powder mildew can also be fought by using 10 parts water to 1 part skim or fat fee milk.

Take plants out and spray liberally including the soil. let fan dry before going back to room.

Walls, floor and effected area should be wiped down prior to putting plants back with a mild bleach and water solution (1 tsp per gallon).

Treatment needs to be done twice within a 2 week period. Underlying factor is an issue with ventilation.

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