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Some Politicians Want The ' Mmj Law' Clarified.

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And they are hoping to make those 'changes' AFTER the election this November 2nd.


Choose wisely the people you vote for because THEY will be the ones MAKING the changes to our 'law' , the 'MMM Act'.


Changes WILL be coming along... and the best we may be able to hope for is that the 'politicians' we send to Lansing we'll be at least MMJ neutral.


Otherwise... we may not like the 'changes' that are coming down the pike.





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As O'Connell pointed out in his ruling, the law does not grant people a right to use marijuana - it merely prohibits people from being prosecuted for violating the law if they can show they have received a certification from a physician saying that marijuana has a palliative effect on the symptoms of their disease. They may receive marijuana from a "caregiver" who is not allowed to provide the substance for more than five people.


we sure here this alot



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