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Hello All!

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Just a quick introduction, stumbled onto this site from icmag. Been reading for a while, seems there are a lot of genuine people here! I love the atmosphere, it is quite comfortable.


About me; I belong to a group of growers based within the emerald triangle. For those that don't know, it is the epicenter of the current pot explosion. I have a few friends in west Michigan and was curious about the scene. Seems for a new Med state, you guys and gals have it rolling well.


Anyone is welcome to message me, I have been growing for ten years and can help with virtually any problem you might have.


I am especially into different genetics that deal with depression and anxiety. Also heavy indicas that help with sleep problems and pain management. I am willing to help point people in the right direction if you come to California, if you have your physicians recommendation. I will help locate virtually any strain available through local collectives and likeminded individuals, also flowers and medibles.

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Right on, nice to meet you.


As far as the scene goes I think people are still operating cautiously. Every day it seems that we are becoming more accepted though, and i believe in the long run we're going to win out.


I never thought i'd see the day where I could grow marijuana medicinally... Now for the next step... Legalization!

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