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Caregiver Question

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I am currently my own cg, but I don't grow. My former cg disappeared and I've been talking to another guy who I may take on as my cg. He mentioned that he would want me to officially designate him as my cg. Question... is there any advantage for me to maintain my current status as my own cg? If he looks like the right guy, should I assign him as my cg? What are the advantages or disadvantages of being my own cg or him being my cg?

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A patient has the right to assign someone as their caregiver.Also the patient can retain the right to grow thier own plants while making someone their caregiver.So if thats what YOu want as a patient its up to You.This law was passed for the patient they are the boss at least that is how I see it. Maybe your new to this medication but your a good gardener.So you just need someone to find medication for You untill Your first harvest comes in.

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