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Honey Chocolates

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I clarify my cannabis butter prior to cooking with it. It helps intensify the butter's potency.


To make clarified cannabis butter:

Warm the butter in a crock pot, and then skim the foam. ( the Caulders butter really had little to skim) Then put in frige and cool. Then do the warming and skimming and cooling for a total of 3 times. Then add the cannabis. Then warm for 1 - 2 hours. Then put back in frige for up to 8 hours (I did over night) Then warm and cool a total of 2 times before removing and straining the cannabis. (it is supposed to increase the potency) once the cannabis is strained, you can use.




1 1/2 lbs semi sweet chocolate

1 1/4 cup honey

1 1/2 cup Cannabis butter

ground or chopped nuts (optional)


Warm all ingredients in a pan to melt. Stir together. Using a candy thermometer heat to 130, stirring frequently. When it reaches 130, turn the heat off. Continue to stir the chocolate until it reaches 80 degrees. Once it is below 80 degrees pour into a parchment lined baking sheet (15X8X1). Sprinkle top with any chopped or ground nuts (optional~~I used walnuts) Let the mixture sit and cool at least 1 hour, and then carefully put in the refrigerator. Several hours later pull candy out of pan and cut, and remove parchment.



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mmmmm Bish.....


I would think that Honey would make it divine!


I also used Caulder's butter it has a higher fat content.


I made these and took them to the Roll and Bowl last year.


Some of you may remember them.


At room temp they can become a gooey mess. I highly recommend keeping them in the fridge until serving/eating.

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