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History Channel On Mmj

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I watched a show on the History Channel last night called "Marijuana: A Chronic History". While both sides of the issue were discussed, the pro-mmj side was clearly the strongest. The arguements from the other side were pretty pathetic. One LEO even stated that in his opinion, 98% of mmj users just wanted to get high, while only 2% used it for legitimate reasons. Even my 16 year old daughter, who watched part of it with me, realized the foolishness of outlawing a plant, much less taking away a useful medicine. It even gave me the perfect opportunity to finally tell her that I'm a registered, card carrying patient :D She just smiled, bless her heart! It was great to see a show like this on television. Perhaps some minds will have been changed.

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I watched it the night before. Surprised, I didn't think it was that Pro_Mj, just goes to show, You can't please all the People all the time.


Think possibly she might have known ? Just saying, very hard to fool the Children. Esp with programs like: Dare, etc....


Pretty Cool to finally fes up to your daughter. Congratulations anyway,


It's about time she heard the Truth ! ....... Peace .....

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