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New Gov Tricky Rick


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I liked the international bridge flip-flop he will never pull off. Just gonna have to fly in all those advanced college degree immigrants to fill Michigan's employment needs. I like this guy!!!!



i know right fookin pathetic..someone in his staff must of told him..


you can't fix unemploymnent in the city or the state for that matter with your ultra conservative views (and tie).....build them a bridge to get out.....escape...flee....and as a bonus we can arrange a safe escape to a non-extradition country for you....


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"Immigrants with advanced college degrees also can contribute to a better economy for the state, Snyder said."




That is a slap in the face to me and my peers. Too many of my friends are high tailing it out of MI because they have no opportunities. I may be joining them shortly, because I finally got an interview on a job opening (in Indiana).


Outsourcing manufacturing jobs is stupid enough, but to outsource college level jobs is ludicrous. Does he just want us all to work at wal-mart for the new immigrant workers?

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