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Harrisville To Consider Moratorium

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saw this this morning from shredder on our local compassion club website...thought it would be important for anyone who is in our area..







if a city or township does in fact enact a moratorium, then wouldn't those of us already growing our own medicine be grandfathered?

get started as soon as possible folks..


grow you own when u can it's the best plan!




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Harrisville may put moratorium on licenses



HARRISVILLE - The Harrisville City Council is considering

a moratorium on new licenses for medical marijuana clinics

within the city.


On Monday, Alderman Paul Dwyer said he's had conversations

with the city's attorney, Dave Cook, about the topic.

The current law is "a mess" and believes the city should

forgo taking any larger action on it.


Cook said local communities' right to regulate the clinics

is being challenged. He recommends placing a moratorium on

new licenses to give the planning commission more time to

research the topic. He believes a moratorium would need to

be adopted through a resolution.


"Most of the moratoriums in the bigger areas are 180 days," he said.


Sheriff Douglas Atchison, who was in attendance during the meeting,

said the council should follow Cook's recommendation.

The current law doesn't provide for an over-the-counter dispensary,

but a licensed caregiver can dispense medical marijuana for a designated person.

A caregiver can have 2.5 ounces of marijuana, or 12 plants.

One person can be a caregiver for five people, he added.


Mayor John Dobis asked Cook to research the topic and draft a

resolution for the next council meeting in February.

After the meeting, Cook said he will recommend the council

set a 180-day moratorium.

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i wish..brother...:(


by act of unknown forces....I lost the engine in my S-10 it was idling peacefully one second, and squealing like the guy on deliverance the next.....and...can u imagine....just a 'mere 4 days after i sold my reserve vehicle (gmc blazer) and paid bills.....i found myself without the money or a work truck....hmmm

the trials life treats us too....


side job...and so i find myself with a opportunity to work on tomorrow for cash money and pretty good wages..so even though i will miss all of you, and bethanys first night...with all the introductions....i must submit myself to the "pay back the money for the new truck fund to my sister"(god bless her for having the ability to loan me the funds in the dead of winter to replace my work truck...)

and therefore will not be able to attend the event...

i am sad

have a great time if u make it.....were on the right track....

c u soon


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Trust me " mibrains "


i know that feeling all to well ...


There was a time not too long ago that i

thought my world was coming to a end ...


I'm Sorry to hear your Troubles ,

But at least you have a little bit of Hope ... :thumbsu:


and i was going to drive my

1989 Dodge Spirit Plow Car over there ,

So that you could see what us Rich Folks drive .... LoL


Maybe You could just stop by for a Hugg

and I 'll give you a Free Sample of Bubba Kush to

Help Brighten your Day .... :bighug:

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Thanks Dr Tarzan


u r the best my friend..and i will take u up on your offer...

a chance for your Kush..a no brainer 4 mibrains (LOL @ mi pun)


my troubles are nothing....insignificant...in the overall scope of things..

the solutions presented themselves almost as fast as the problems occured.

good Karma i suppose..

i don't question my future i try merely too flow with it when and where i can....

i was taught as a kid God would never give me anything i can't handle.......but i have learned as an adult that just isn't usually true. some things can't be handled (most things that is)

i live by the motto: you can only live for the second you are in, and stay alive..that's enough. anything beyond that is society pressure which tends to be self inflicted.

so i try to stay grounded with a posative mental attitude.

and just flo with it...:rolleyes:

no worries..


my friend

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harrisville huh? ive heard of that towne before! is that where the alcona county hilton is? they are not too mm friendly there, I did get off of my possesion charge there though, but it wasnt easy, they dont believe in mm there, I just happened to pull a good court appt attny, one of the prosecutors for tawas city was my ct appt attny and got it dropped, only because of who he is, they were not friendly I did 2 days in jail for one joint before they would set bail, I got in there on fri nite! they finaly let me bond out on sun (no magistrate) and back for arraignment on weds, I guess they didnt think id show so they came and got me on tues nite, and I spent another nite in there fine accomadations and walked to their court the next morning collecting my bond back on the way out,,,now they are trying to bill me for the 3 days total i did in there fine establishement!






I hope i dont get to know any other county hiltons in this state! :rolleyes:


hopefuly plants will grow from there landscaping spread the seeds!

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