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Compassion Club In Ann Arbor?

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I'm new to this site and in general to the MMJ scene. I had considered growing for myself but due to the time, cost, and space needed I feel finding a caregiver might be a better option for myself. I would like to find a caregiver at a compassion club but haven't found any info on one in the Ann Arbor area. The closest and best one I've read about is the one in Brighton, which I would make a trip to if there's nothing in the Ann Arbor area. Does anyone know of one around me? Thanks.

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Welcome to the site!

With Ann Arbor being so liberal about their medical marijuana laws, I guess nobody has found a real need for one. If you do a search you will find some listed, but they seem to be more dispensary oriented than actually compassionate.

Again, welcome to the site.

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