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Lighting/plant Growing Equip.

Duct Tape

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Now, if they confiscated this equipment being that they considered it part of illegal activity, wouldn't they suspect anyone buying it would be doing the same thing with it?


That is what i was thinkin too... The "bang 4 your buck" will be LEO knockin in your door next week !!!

NOT COOL ....I personally would pay TOP DOLLAR elsewhere !!

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Yeah you have no protection of Hippa.


Bidcorp is a good site. I'm on my 3rd personal state vehicle, my mom drives one, so does my wife (her second), wow I buy a lot of cars from those mutha's.


If anyone is serious about wanting to buy the lights you can use me as a front man. I do nothing wrong and I'm not worried!


P.M. me and I'll send you my login info if you're worthy imo....lol

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