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Marijuana Plants Seized During Unrelated Bust In Hartford Township

Guest Medicinal Patient

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Guest Medicinal Patient

--And this is most likely a few peoples caregiver. Your actions affect your patients. What a shame.


Driver 'threat' leads to meth, gun bust

Suspect also accused in a drive-by shooting


Updated: Thursday, 21 Apr 2011, 3:55 PM EDT

Published : Thursday, 21 Apr 2011, 3:26 PM EDT


HARTFORD TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) - Police found quite the stash of drugs and guns at the home of a man accused of assaulting a newspaper delivery driver and shooting a residence during a drive-by.


The investigation began around 4 a.m. Wednesday in the 65000 block of 56th Avenue in Hartford Township. That is where police said a Harold Palladium delivery driver reported being followed by a man who she did not know.


Police later identified that man as Kevin Burrows, 29, of Hartford.


The female delivery driver said Burrows was wearing a camouflage colored coat or shirt and driving a white car. She said Burrows then followed her to the 65000 block of 56th Avenue where she had stopped for another delivery.


Burrows got out of his car and approached and threatened the deliverer with what was believed to be a handgun, police said in a news release. The woman fled the area and called police.


Later that morning, around 9 a.m., Hartford police were notified of a vehicle matching Burrows' at 502 W. Main Street. Hartford Police Lt. Tressa Beltran went to investigate and saw a car and a man matching those from the previous incident.


The man was Burrows, police said, and he ran into an outbuilding where another person padlocked him inside. Deputies with the assistance of a family member were able to make contact with Burrows.


During the investigation, members of the Van Buren County Narcotics Unit got a search warrant for Burrows' residence, vehicle and the outbuildings.


Police seized a .45 caliber magazine under a seat in Burrows' vehicle. They also found a loaded .45 caliber handgun, 700 rounds of ammunition for an assault rifle, clothing described by the delivery driver that Burrows was wearing at the time of the incident, 67 marijuana plants ranging from inches to nearly 4 feet tall, grow equipment, as well as material and waste for the manufacturing of meth in the bedroom ceiling.


The investigation then linked Burrows to a drive-by shooting that was reported at noon on April 14 in the 61000 block of 50th Street in Lawrence Township. Evidence collected at that scene included five spent .45 caliber handgun shell casings and a bullet round recovered from a home that was struck twice.


Burrows was arrested and faces charges of maintaining a meth lab, manufacturing marijuana, two counts of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, two counts of felony firearm violations, and the discharge of a firearm in or at a building.





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--And this is most likely a few peoples caregiver. Your actions affect your patients. What a shame.




Where does it say he was a caregiver?


I highly doubt anybody making meth in their home would be sane enough to worry about becoming legal and growing medical cannabis whats the point?

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and where did it say anything about him being a c.g or patient! and what does this have to do with legal pt's and growers? nothing,,,so everytime some one breaks the law and has weed growing they give us a bad name? I dont think so!


fear mungering,,,these kind of storys realy have no place here! but who am I to say, I post an email i find amusing to share with the prez feet on a desk and catch all kinds of heck! but at least he says he inhaled!






ps i wonder if he has a mini stealth grow in that desk? :rolleyes:

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--And this is most likely a few peoples caregiver. Your actions affect your patients. What a shame.


I dont see where it said anything about a patient or a caregiver. Just cuz he had 60+ plants does not make him a patient or caregiver. Please think before you type. You sound no better then the opposition right now!

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