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Can You Be Prosecuted For A Legal Grow Living In An Apartment?


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Is there any risk of being prosecuted for growing in an apartment if all of the states laws are being followed? It seems to be this would be discrimination.


Unfortunately at this time there's a risk of prosecution in many Michigan cities no matter where you're growing legally, but we're going to change that.


I know several Patients who live in apartments and are growing their medication but if you don't feel safe do you know someone who can be your caregiver and has a place to grow for you.


These are all single patient grows and nobody knows about it not even their neighbors. All three have converted a closet to a grow area and are able to keep themselves supplied.


All three use a 65watt fluorescent light that is meant to be used for an outside security light for clones and vegging and for flowering two are using T-5 and one is using two 70 watt HPS security light to flower.


These are low income patients who put together low dollar lighting and have found these lights work for growing are more cost affective for them and easier to cool the grow area.

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Grower 1 - You are paying 100% of the rent. It is between you and the landlord.


Grower 2 - You don't pay full rent, as it is paid for by MISHDA/HUD. MISHDA and HUD have strict rules, and HUD is Federal. Not good.


Odor control would be more difficult in an apt., compared to a rental house at the edge of town...... or out of town.




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The poster is correct that technically you cannot be (or at least are very likely to NOT be) "prosecuted" for a "legal" grow in Michigan. Prosecuted is a specific legal word.


Eviction is another specific legal word. You CAN be evicted by your landlord for growing cannabis. The landlord could (theoretically) have his property seized under federal law and no State judge is going to force a landlord to take this risk, however small. He is under no obligation to do so. The attitude in Landlord/Tenant court is going to be grow on your own property if you want to violate federal law and I am sure you will get creamed.

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