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Help With Business Plan


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I have been thinking very seriously about becoming a caregiver for a while now, so I figured it would be a good idea to write up a business plan and get some discussion going on the subject before I got started. What I am really interested in is as follows.


-Following all STATE regulations

-Start up cost

-equipment and set up

-thoughts on a mission statement


Thanks, Treehouse

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I will give you one piece of advice, if you want to follow all state reg's, it isn't a business, it is a hobby that you might break even on.


As the law reads, and the only thing you are guaranteed protection for, is you have 5 pts, and you only transfer meds to them, no one else. No dispensaries, no P2P, nothing. So that means those 5 people are your only customers, how much money do you really think you can get from 5 people, some of which might be on a fixed income or unable to work? If you think you are going to be selling to dispensaries and P2P, forget it, it isn't 100% legal, and you should stop now.


ok, start up cost, well, all depends on what you want. You can spend on a 40 plant bloom room $20,000+. Or you can go soil and only bloom 5 plants at a time and spend under $1000. Hydro with 100% automation, (20) 1000w lights, environment controls, fans, etc set up right will yeild more, and be more potent than a soil grow under 10 600w lights. But will they grow under the 600's? Yes.


If you have never grown indoors before, start small, get a few years under your belt. Get 1 PT, buy 1 light, and just get 1-2 plants from seed to harvest a few times. You will save a lot of loss and heartache.


The laws in MI right now are not beneficial to business, and there are no laws allowing businesses. Even places that allow it, don't really allow it. And that's the last advice for now, check with your local village, town, township, city, county, find out if they are going to allow it. You might be suprized.

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Well, you don't become a caregiver. A Patient makes you a caregiver. The Patient form has a place to fill out all of your info, and then they have a "Caregiver Attestation" you have to sign. It all gets sent in with the Patients information. If the Patient already has a card, then they just send in a change form with $10 to make you a caregiver.


Once that's done, you get a copy of their original paperwork with your change form, keep it all together, and 20 days (or is it 10 with a change form) you are a caregiver. Your limit at that point would be 2.5 oz and 12 plants (and that includes all mothers and clones, anything alive that has roots).


All forms and everything can now be found here:



It also has the law. Even if you don't understand it all, read it all, many times. And when your done, I recommend talking to a lawyer about it. Hopefully a MMJ friendly one, but just pay them a 1 hour consulting fee and bring them a list of questions or scenarios, see what their advice would be.


And remember check your local government/township/city for rules and laws. You don't want to find out after you start growing that you are doing so illegally according to their rules/zoning.

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