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You guys may or may not notice the secure log in now. We had problems with an add on navigation system that was corrupting the security. The company that makes the menu had to make a patch specially for us so the time we've wasted will benefit those that get the menu later.


Anyways, you can see we're on the way to opening the store, we've secured the log on, and our servers have been moved out of the US. So 2 out of three isn't bad and we're working on getting the store up soon though I never give a date until it's already up and working (like this https log on) so staff isn't pestered.


The idea is to have the login and any store functions being handled through SSL. The whole site will never be https because much of the money this site generates each month is via our google ads and those will never be secure, nor do the devs at Google have any intention thus far to secure their scripts (which every webmaster in the world is complaining about). So once you log in, or you're not in the store section the site will revert back to its unsecured http designation so you're not experiencing errors from the ads. Your critical information (your pass) though has already been secured, encrypted, and sent. Posting threads and galleries there is no need for SSL.


If you experience any problems with the site and your log in please contact me. As shown above it should work in the 3 major browsers beautifully (firefox/Chrome/IE)



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