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A Close Friend Of The Family Has Prostate Cancer

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I know the guy is sick from the treatments. Due to social issues I'm unable to directly approach him to make sure he has proper medication. I was thinking about about using one of you to email him.




It's none of my business really, but I'd hate to see the guy suffer when I could help him.


Even if he has medication, I'd just like to see that he has the very best out there. I hate to think of him having a 1/4 of brick in his drawer that he got from his grand kids, just in case he couldn't stand it any more.


You have to stay in the closet sometimes ya know.


and how the H' do you charge a dyeing man for meds. Or even offer it to him for free. I hate for him to thinks I was pushing it on him...


I guess you guys deal with this all the time, or some of you do at least.

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Last October the Cannabis Cancer Project statred a 61 year old man with Prostate Cancer on cannabis oil his last test results a month ago showed that his cancer was almost none existing and he no longer required Chemo Radiation Treatment


Hi Bud !

This is great news !


I take it he had a Radical and it was too late at the time of surgery due to metastisizing ?


I had a Radical at the age of 60....cancer free now for 12 years.


I sure hope this guy will be willing to post here once he is feeling better.


Do you know what his PSAs were post surgery and now after the Simpson treatment ?


If we could show in some guys that PSA drops after treatment with this oil that would be BIG news !!!!


Dr. Jinx

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Guest thequietone

Why can't you approach him? If you care about this person you will do the right thing. I have talked to many people with cancer openly and frankly about how cannabis can help. I am in the same spot and I walked up and said here take these they will help and she took them. As for how do you charge them... I don't.

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He's/was my wife's boss.


Big Pharmaceutic Corp.


I wouldn't want anyone to think that I was pushing drugs on anyone.

That's about it.


I was at a benefit for him the other night. A lot of cancer patients/survivor there. I know most people feel that they are the ones that should have access to Simpson Oil and high end cannabis. Some how I don't think they do. Some how I feel like there needs to be more people that can work between caregivers and the sick.


The guy that I'm talking about is old conservative and sort looks like Joe Arpaio, at least he did before he lost all that weight. Still would look like LEO to anyone. I just don't see most of the guys that grow, that I know messing with him.


I know about 1 or 2 guys that has any Simpson Oil and Concentrates. What I'm just opening my eyes to is that the old and the sick need to be able to reach out to our community. If I got an email from someone on this site that said they sick, sick, sick from chemo and needed immediate help. I'm sorry, I'm not grabbing a bowl and whatever concentrates I have laying around to go over and help them, for a laundry list of reasons. Just like any cg is not going to invite strangers from the internet over their home.

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It can be hard to approach someone about the benefits of MMJ.

I think that the key is to bring it up in private and stress that it is safe, effective, and LEGAL.

Make the suggestion, and if they want to hear more then take on the role of an educator.


We just went through this with my friends very straight laced conservative uncle who has advanced MS.

Long story short - he never puffed in his life, but now is a legal patient and says that MMJ has dramatically improved his quality of life. :thumbsu:

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I think that the key is to bring it up in private and stress that it is safe, effective, and LEGAL.



That's why I'm thinking about an email. I can't really put myself out there in this case. I'm not going to start creating anonymous email addresses. That is just crossing a line imo.

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One way is to direct them to You tube and the web and let them do there own research and draw there own conclusion I am very careful to not and try and convince someone to decide on what course of treatment that they should do that is a decision that is totally theres I just inform them of the alternative that may not know and tell them were they can find out this information and let them draw there own conclusions.

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