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im not sure what you mean about routing your sensitive material... personally if its sensitive material id store it on a flash drive and only have it in my system when needed to be used... theres also stuff out here to encrypt it... theres some nice software that will password protect it with a large key... the more you do this it will make it more so to not use a standard password and something that has multi letters in caps and numbers in it make it tougher to crack... hope this helps to answer your ? as its kind of slim in info your asking about... good luck...



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question for admin. and comment it's possible for two people to be logged on with one password aye?

so is my account safe really or should I begin using other language specific to encrypt my data thanks just trying to stay safe and figure who is viewing and things like dat any questions I can be reached I never set a remote connection so I ask should I begin a new account? with this I have nothing to hide legal with state et


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Iwas wondering if the administration those that have selected red in there name are going to answer my question?I have patiently waited heck I even volunteered my time to no avail. This should neither take long to answer nor should it be difficultThe reason is if I can not trust this location to communicate what is the point, really. I have to be vigilante for my security and those who have special meaning in my life. all rights reserved and additionally there was another set of sentences with word count and my structure which are mysteriously awaiting an answer

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Guest thequietone

Not sure I am understanding the question. Are you concerned that someone is logging into your account using your password. Or are you wondering if by chance someone has the same password would they be logged into your account. There is always the chance someone could come up with the same password I suppose. But they would be logging in under a different username so it will have no bearing on your account.


If you are worried about people reading your PM's I can tell you that nobody monitors the PMs. Admins have the ability to read PM's in the event there is a problem with members being harassed through PM's.

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Here is a program that will scramble up your keystrokes and put fake ones in its place.. so you messages cant be read check it out its free you can pay for the premuim version.. but the free ware works great... give it a try even if this isn't what you were seeking.. great program to have running IMO




Trix :bong2:


Ps. PM me I have some software that may help you stay more secure..

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