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After Party / Venue

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Emailed The loft to ask:


"Do you have handicap accessibility?"


"yep" was the answer!



Michigan Ave. has metered parking until 6pm weekdays.


I wrote back asking for more details and where best to park.


Will post as soon as I know something.

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Guest Medicinal Patient

Way to be proactive Imiubu tyvm :goodjob: I hope the 3ma provides parking lot security to safely get members to their cars without incident. Just incase someone becomes a target. Anyone know if Mizerman is still working with the security team? I hope you and the missus decide to come Miz. I know you both have always been active in the rallys and court cases and for that I thank you for your support to this community. All of you :goodjob:

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Seems like a party is not gonna help with the image the rally is trying to show but ok

We fought long and hard, we'll may still be fighting after the rally, I'm sure, unfortunately, but shouldn't we be entitled to a good time? How are we gonna disgrace our image? Talking, dancing, LAUGHING? If you're concerned about any medicating, people aren't gonna be passing it around like recreational users, so, I humbly ask, what's the problem?



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Oh and is the parking near the rally metered too? And how far a distance from the rally to the loft. tyvm


All Downtown parking is metered until 6pm weekdays. There is a parking ramp right next to the Capitol Bldg, just south on

Capitol Ave. I'm about 10 blocks from the Capitol. Metered parking stops only 2 blocks from my home. The further you get away

may not be metered yet has a 2 hour parking restriction until 5pm weekdays.


I did not receive a return email when I asked for directions on how to get to the handicap access @ The Loft

nor about where there is large parking area near.


As soon as I feel better, I will go there myself to get this information.


Sorry to not have more at this time.


Links for maps to get a better idea of the area. The black star w/ a circle around it next to the Capitol bldg is the ramp i was speaking of.


Running behind the buildings is Jay St that can only be accessed from Cedar St. I am almost certain that is where to reach the elevator.

I hope these links work! (I had to blow it up and go to picture mode).






I checked these links after posting.... you really have to blow them up to see the small

Street... Jay St.

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I just meant a publicly known one will be sure to attract the attention of LEO that prolly already have an issue with the protest or rally or what ever it is.

"Whatever it is"... Ionic7, I do see your point, though I know how tired we are of hiding; we're not gonna keep hiding like we're criminals. What if they announced a private party? How suspicious would that look to some people anyway?????...not that a private party would mean the participants are criminals... Can't please everyone. Whether it's public or private, someone will draw the wrong conclusion. That's why we have to have the rally.


Sb :(

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