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Transporting Plants In Veg


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I have a few plants that I want to transport from my house to another patient's house.


The plants are rather small and have only been in veg for 4 weeks.


I was thinking about doing it at night, but then thought about the fact that taking them from the light into the darkness then back into the light once I get them to the other patients house may not be good.


The trip will only be about 45 minutes.


Any recommendations?

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thanks for the quick reply!


the other option was to transport during the day, but cover them in boxes until i get them into the back of the car


then uncover for the drive


but, i want to keep it as discrete as possible

Oh absolutely you do not want any attention drawn to your move legal or no . :thumbsu:

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I like to use a 24" box for transport.

Works great on plants with total height of 30"-36" or so.

The plants can be bent nicely.

Boxes fit easily into most any small SUV or wagon.

Works great for multiple small plants and clones.

Very discrete, but doesn't help with smell.


24" Box

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