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Compassion? Read This!

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I have a friend who has cancer, and I asked some friends on here for some help with obtaining Simpson oil.Within 2 weeks,2 WEEKS the oil is in my friends hands! I wont mention names ......for the obvious reasons.Not 1 mention of money,compensation or any reimbursement! Actually I believe that a fellow drove 2 hrs 1 way,using his gas, to bring it to my friend.THESE MEN ARE ON THE FRONTLINES ,MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN PEOPLES LIVES,PERIOD! THEY ARE PIONEERS,MAN.PIONEERS IN A MOVEMENT THAT NEEDS PEOPLE LIKE THIS STEPPING UP ABOVE AND BEYOND.darn, I wanna say who they are, but cant.They know who they are and I just wanna say......YOU GUYS FLAT OUT ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!! BOB AND I THANK YOU............SEE EVERYONE, TRUE COMPASSION EXISTS!

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People before pennies. I think the very nature of our plant inspires people to come together in the spirit of sharing. I do realize that is a terribly stero-typical hippy thing of me to say, but I stand by it.


Lets see big pharma match that kind of comapassion in thier service.

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EDIT: For the safety of our community I think we shouldn't talk about there being meds at events but that's my personal decision; so I removed my original post. It's so sad that despite being TOTALLY LEGAL I still feel so horribly paranoid. BUT our opponents should take notice that I do NOT let it stop me from SPEAKING OUT and standing with all of you, even in a thunderstorm! I might say I tried something somewhere but that's all.





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