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Hi From Holland

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I am new here, been a patient for awhile now. Just wanted to say hello. I now live where the Holland City Council last night took away the rights of caregivers to grow Medical Marijuana for patients and the safe, immediate and consistent access to medical marijuana from the patients. It is a sad day in Holland, Mi

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I was there. It was a hard fought fight. We did however win some major concessions. I asserted that all existing medical marijuana residences were immune from the zoning under MCL 125.3208 Nonconforming uses or structures. Their council agreed and the council understood that they can't compel existing patients/caregivers or other medical marijuana businesses to comply. They also modified their privacy policy to exclude the caregivers name and to completely exclude patient information. The 3MA invest scores of hours weekly defending against ordinances that impact patients/caregivers.


The bad news is they incorporated drug free zones that will eliminate new caregivers from operating in Holland. The 3MA will have a major announcement soon on the legal front. Thanks, Bb

Unfortunately I was in Saugatuck Township at their council meeting, to see what they were going to do. I guess it will be a strong fight where ever we are. Thanks for all you do here. The information is so valuable to a novice as myself.

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well we as a community need to strive to get these people voted out of office if not recalled we need to do this at every level of government from the city to the states up to and including the white house if we have to. Lets remind the republican's and the democrats that they work for us! we need not fear our government they should live in fear of us kicking them to the curb! I live in america and my grand fathers did not fight in the world wars for my freedom so I can live in fear of an elected official! If we must bring the system to its knee's in order for them to get the message then so be it protest in the streets fight for our rights. This must include every aspect of our society not just our community. The country needs to be free!

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