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Making Duff Capsules

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Hello, I hope someone out there can help. I had a lot of duff from my Volcano, so I got some '00' capsules and filled about 250. My caregiver said to try 4, but my arthritis was bad that day so I took 5. The effects were different than smoking or vaping, but the same as edibles, BUT about or 5 hours later I vomited and became constipated. I don't think it was the duff that made me sick, but I don't know for sure.I had a banana with the capsules and then ate nothing else. I really hope the capsules are okay cause they work great and I have a steady supply as long as I'm vaping! Also filling capsules this way is much faster and easier than making butter. I am hoping it was a coincidence. Comments appreciated. Happy medicating!



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I use the duff in medibles. I found about 2/1 bud to duff to be about right, any more duff gives me a headache. Never tried the caps with duff, but I have tried oil caps, there just like medibles, and by their nature oil caps should not constipated you. .....shredder

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